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Barn Cat Buddies

About Barn Cat Buddies

      The Barn Cat Buddies program was created to save feral or skittish cats from a life of hunger on the streets or being destroyed in local shelters.

Barn Cat Buddies are Rodent Control Technicians who keep stables and farms pest-free with their natural non-toxic methods. These natural mousers will stop expensive grain and feed from destruction without costly and harmful chemicals!

Our Cats will be sterilized and rabies vaccinated prior to moving to their new barn homes.

     Barn Cat Buddies does not have a physical facility to house animals awaiting placement.  Our emphasis is on education, networking, and referral support in an effort to assist in placing these Rodent Control Technicians in area barns, businesses, warehouses, etc.

Our Mission Statement

 Barn Cat Buddies, Inc. is a 501C 3 non-profit, charitable Organization comprised of volunteers with a common mission dedicated to saving and improving the lives of feral, homeless, stray and abandoned felines in the southwest and central regions of Virginia.

     Our mission includes the relocation of sterilized feral, and socialized felines to SAFE alternative placements such as horse farms, wineries, greenhouses, orchards, warehouses or other facilities that agree to follow our relocation protocol.

     Additionally Barn Cat Buddies, Inc. supports ending feline overpopulation through a safe habitat program known as Trap/Neuter/Return where caretakers provide long-term care and monitoring of feral cat colonies.

     As advocates of all felines, we believe that cats, as living creatures have value and are entitled to ethical consideration and protection.

What People Say


This organization has been working hard for the last decade to reduce/stop the population of cats, they have vetted and saved the lives of many cats, helped feed homeless cats and re homed many cats. This small group of volunteers works endlessly to make a difference and they are doing it!!! I am proud to be a volunteer !!!

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