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 For those who are interested in re-homing a feline, there are currently no 'homes' in reserve. This is always a problem. When an emergency arises, we run down our phone list and virtually beg for a place to put felines.

     For those looking to adopt a pair of BARN CAT BUDDIES, please take a few minutes to read the BARN CAT PROTOCOL. To apply for the barn cat buddy program or to adopt a feline companion for your home, please click on Adoption in the menu above and then fill out the appropriate application form. Clicking the "submit" button on the form will email it to us. If you would like to send us "snail mail", i.e., US mail, see the address at the bottom of the page.


     Because we do not have homes in reserve, we ask that YOU help us help you and the cat that needs re-homing.


     Print off flyers from the FORMS & FLYERS page and post them up far and wide. The more flyers that are seen, the more potential for a home. Email us and let us know what stores/towns you've placed them in. When a call or email comes in from one of the flyers you posted, we will contact you. That's my commitment to YOU, and to the cats that we are all concerned about.

     Some ideas for locations to post flyers are Feed and Tack Stores, Vet Offices, Grocery Store Bulletin Boards, Local ASPCA's and anywhere with a public notification area. Mail them to a friend outside of the area as far as you are willing to travel for a barn/warehouse or plant nursery home.


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