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Barn Cat Programs in Other States

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Desensitizing your kitty to the carrier.

The Right Carrier for the Right Cat

Your cat needs to feel safe, and that's most easily accomplished with a hard-sided carrier. The best ones have doors on the top and front to make putting the cat in easier. If this is not an option then a hard-sided carrier that has a door in the front will work. The top and bottom should also come apart easily; this way, the top can be removed at the veterinary office, leaving your cat comfortably resting in the bottom. A soft padded mat or folded towel will provide not only comfort but also secure footing so your cat won't slide when the carrier is in motion.

Creative Carrier Use

Once you have that carrier, don't hide it in the basement or in the rafters of your garage. It needs to be part of the furniture so your cat can learn to be comfortable

around it and in it. Take the door off, put a soft mat in and leave yummy treats
inside. Feed your hungry cat in the carrier now and then: Take a spoonful of wet food on a small plate, heat it up a little in the microwave to make its smell more irresistible, and serve it in the carrier. This creativity may help eliminate the association of the carrier with bad things, which makes many cats scat when the carrier comes out.

Information Supplied by Angels of Assisi January 2015

No-Kill Rescue Groups

Bedford, Virginia: Bedford Humane Society

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